Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Not to bother you guys enjoying the music chat but he’s the nightly thread.

I liked the Network Special. Good opener. Very good tag match as New Day and Tyson/Cesaro are meshing to the point of where you can give them 15 minutes and get the hell out of the way. And that’s pretty incredible given the short period of time both teams have competed against each other.

Couldn’t explain why Rusev and Cena had such a horrible, plodding match. But I didn’t this format for them because both guys are supposed to be superhero/supervillian types and someone’s not going to look good in an I Quit match. But what I like about the few I Quit matches that have worked is they have relatively kept it in the 20 x 20. Try to have a wrestling, work on a body part, throw in some submissions and sell the drama of trying to escape or survive the submissions rather than use every bell and whistle in the book. Both guys can wrestle strong style so they should have done a lot better.

Very good main event and man Orton is just eating these pinfalls. The Shield spot was great as was the aftermath with Rollins holding out the fist and getting pummeled for it. That’s called a double payoff right there.

Anyway TV:

RAW is Live

ECF Game 2: Go Lightning!

Mets-Cardinals on ESPN

NCIS has a season finale

New Episodes of The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelorette, American Dad, etc. etc.

Keep it clean!