Best of the Worst

Hi Scott As lists appear to be all the rage around here, I thought I’d send one for when you’re in a masochistic mood. What would you consider to be the best (or least horrible) match in the following categories: 1) Undertaker-Kane
2) Cena-Orton
3) HHH-Orton
4) Undertaker prior to 1996
5) Flair after 2001
6) Big Show
7) Kane
8) Khali
9) ‘Hollywood’ Hogan in WCW
10) Vince
11) Dusty
12) Miz

Good morning, and welcome to Day 2 of the post-dated extravaganza.  As you read this, it’s currently Victoria Day here in Canada, during which we celebrate the life and career of Lisa Varon.  It’s a very specific stat holiday.  OK, a list, that’s just terrific.  Thanks heaps. 1.  The first one at WM14 is still my favorite of a bad lot. 2.  The Iron Man match, complete with Orton trying to murder Cena like a cartoon supervillain via exploding pyro table.  It’s not a great match technically and fails on a lot of levels, but I can appreciate the sentiment. 3.  The last man standing match they had at that PPV where HHH wrestled 14 times after Cena was injured.  You know, that one. 4.  I gotta go with him squashing the shit out of Jake Roberts at WM8.  Really kicked off the babyface formula for him that worked incredibly well for years to come.  I was about to throw Bret v. UT from Rumble 96 in your face, but then I realized you technically asked for “prior” to 96 and thus that one is just outside qualification.  5.  The HHH cage match at Taboo Tuesday.  6.  In general?  He’s had some good matches.  I’ll go with the stunningly great series against Lesnar in 2003, for example, when Show was wearing pants for some reason.  Runner up would be his Hogan impression against Kurt Angle at Backlash 2000 for sheer entertainment value.    7.  Kane’s also had his share of good matches.  He was on a really impressive run from 2001-2004, in particular, before the unmasking.  Discounting MITB and such, gotta go with the Kurt Angle miracle match featuring Mirror Universe Angle as my favorite.  Close second would be the IC title match with Albert that almost hit **** somehow.  8.  Now you’re just fucking with me.  His initial series against Undertaker wasn’t terrible.  9.  Probably one of the Flair matches, because Ric could get ***1/2 out of him in his sleep.  The Luger title change on Nitro was hella-exciting but total horseshit as a match. 10.  Street Fight with Shane at WM17! 11.  Dusty actually had lots of great matches when he gave enough of a shit in the ring.  Unfortunately by the time he was on the national stage with Crockett, that time had long passed.  I’ve seen more than a few really good ones with Harley Race from the 70s in Florida, so I’d go with that.  12.  Cena actually got a really good one out of him after their shit WM match, I think.  I’ll go with the safe choice, however, and say the Daniel Bryan US title change match, unless someone can think of a really epic **** Miz singles match that I’m blocking out of my mind.