Mid-South DVD?

Hi Scott, hope you are well.
I recently picked up the Mid-South DVD that was put out a while back, and I was wondering if you ever got around to watching it. Definitely seems to be up your alley, with several fine matches and plenty of old-time MANLY wrasslin’. And Terry Taylor’s story of working with Flair (with the match following) would probably be worth several wooos from you. Anyway, if you haven’t watched it, and have time in between Network shows, it’s defintely worth a look. Take care.

I still have a 12-DVD set of the TV shows that I bought from a guy online and haven’t even cracked that one open yet.  For reference, the following is my current pile of “to do” DVD reviews after one of my ridiculously dedicated fans went on Amazon and bought me a bunch of shit last month:  1.  Best of Sting Blu Ray 2.  Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe Blu Ray 3.  Chris Jericho “The Road is Jericho” Blu Ray 4.  Macho Man’s latest Blu Ray (the one where I reviewed the documentary on the WWE network) 5.  Old stuff like Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Anthology, the Roddy Piper set, and the Allied Powers tag team DVD set.  Which was not bought for me but I still intend to review someday.  So there you go, if I get through all of THAT, then I might get to the Mid-South set someday.  When I’m 80.