Elimination Chamber 2015

Hi Scott,

It's been revealed that the May 31st house show will be a Elimination Chamber network exclusive show.

It sounds like a wonderful idea, that there is a show that only those with the network can see along with the idea of network exclusive shows been something that will help draw in more subscribers.

Do you think it will work as intended and help draw new subscribers or that people simply don't see a free house show with a gimmick match being enough?


​It's an intriguing idea, and honestly I don't need these shows to have fancy themes as a fan.  I'd be happy with broadcasting random house shows every month with minimal lighting and commentary and such.  Any kind of extra content for subscribers like that can't hurt.  I'd love to just see an NXT house show because god knows I'm never going to be in Florida to catch one.  That should be exactly what the Network is for!  We're never getting WWE again here in backwoods Saskatchewan, so why not give the experience via the Network?  ​