Quick and Easy Blog Question

Hi Scott,
  On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is that the following will turn up in NXT at some point, either as quick one-off appearances, or in a more involved role?   And (on the same scale) how much would you want them to be involved there?

Daniels Kazarian Styles Samoa Joe John Morrison Bully/Bubba Ray Shelton Benjamin   And do you think the WWE will try to get any more big Japanese names into NXT – someone like Nakamura, for example?  

​That's neither a quick nor easy question.  That's multiple questions with multiple parts.  Just saying.
​Daniels:  1.  Too old for developmental, makes more money on the indies and has no shot of making the main roster anyway.

Kaz:  1.  Same answer.
Styles:  1.  They already offered him a deal and he turned it down for New Japan.  
Samoa Joe:  10.  Coming in July.
JoMo:  5.  He'll probably end up coming right back to the RAW roster when he returns, but I could see him doing a one-shot at some point.
Bully Ray:  1. Not worth it to him when he could be promoting his own stuff or whatever.  
Shelton:  10.  He's already there as "Angelo Dawkins".  Duh.
Nakamura is too old for them I'm pretty sure, but they've openly made a play for Okada and will probably end up getting him at some point.