Kevin Owens

Hey Scott.

Just a quick thought on Kevin Owens. While Brock is his own  beast, do you think Owens could play a similar Monster Heel roll down the line? I think you mentioned his little kick at Riley after their match a few weeks back but I actually laughed out loud after he casually walked on him after getting the pin in their rematch this week. Plus the "are you cold promo" earlier on in the night was gold. What's your take?


​His sitdown with Michael Cole this past week was even better.  He plays a very different type of character than anyone else in WWE, which instantly makes him over and marketable.  He's the shit-talking bad guy who instantly backs down from confrontations unless he's in complete control. Or has the chance to hit someone from behind.  And then he backs up all his big talk in the ring, so you hate him even more.  He's just great.  ​