WWE Tough Enough Winner $250K Contract Question

Hi Scott,

Just wondering: the new TE winner gets a 1-Yr $250K Contract. Assuming this isn't a "fine print" situation and the K is legit, what is a $250K Contrac wortht in real world terms? I mean, considering that these are 1040 workers who provide their own travel, costumes, taxes, etc… What would I, aspiring young wrestler, hope to take home from that Quarter Million?

​Oh, I'm pretty sure that contract is nothing but fine print.  But if they do qualify for the main roster after winning, $250K as a baseline is pretty much in line with what the upper end of Zack Ryder-type guys pull in, from what I understand.  Road expenses and taxes pretty much destroy all that, however​, which is why guys are so dependent on video game revenues and merchandise to stay afloat.  I can't even imagine how the poor NXT geeks eat from week to week with what THEY make.