Gomez and Friends

So who are your top 5 jobberiest jobbers to ever job in pro wrestling history?  

Mine in no particular order:
Hardwork Bobby Walker
Zan Panzer
Rikki Ataki
Barry O
Omar Atlas

Barry O will always hold a special place in my heart for The Zodiac in Stampede.  Especially the unmasking, where Ed Whalen just completely no-sold it and he's like "Uh, I don't know who that is."  
There was a skinny geek named Chi Chi Cruz who managed to get over with the crowd at a brutal 4.5 hour Superstars taping I attended in Edmonton in 91, as he legit did something like 4 or 5 squash losses that night and every time he got more popular with the crowd for taking the beating he did.  
The ones you listed are all really good choices, especially Omar Atlas, who looked like someone that was running a convenience store in between matches.  The NWA always had some epic losers out there getting thrown around, especially the pasty goofs they would put out there on the Saturday show to get crushed by the Road Warriors and Midnight Express in particular.  I used to love how they'd find the worst-looking dweebs and just have the Midnights completely destroy them.