Very important questions

Not really. Three random questions.

Which Brock ad-lib do you prefer — the kicking of Cena's hat or spitting at Stephanie (which seems to have been largely ignored but was completely awesome)?

​Do you even need to ask? The hat-kicking was a moment that defined a generation!  ​

Was there ever any thought of giving RVD the belt in the RVD/Austin/Angle storyline, or was it just a way to get Vince involved in the angle?


If somebody told Vince he needed to draw money/subscribers and he had to do it fast or else Wall St. was going to short the stock to sh!t, what angle does he run with this current crop of talent (no part-timers)? Cena goes heel, Orton goes Stone Cold and RKOs the crap out of everyone, Reformation of the Shield?

​Pretty sure that the Shield reforming is one of the last bullets he's got left in the chamber. That or actually paying Brock to work every PPV for a while and giving him meaningful feuds and storylines behind them.  ​

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