Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well another WWE Network Special in the books. I liked the early stuff with the tag match going very well with booking straight from the mid-80s in Crockett Promotions. Now the promotions in a spot that they could take advantage of…tag team wrestling is kind of strong right now. Kidd-Cesaro is a great team, very athletic, they have a good chemistry, they are extremely funny when they are allowed to do some verbal pieces.

I think some will say The New Day got over by accident but I look at it and they did the natural thing. A face act that was too clean to get over so they got even cleaner and people hate them more and now they can take the mantra as the pretty boy heel team. Similar to why I liked the Rougeaus so much. They were so shiny and fake you could see through them. New Day has a similar appeal and Xavier Woods gives them that good, annoying mouthpiece.

And you’ve got the Lucha Dragons, which people seem to like, and the Usos, who people don’t seem to like as much anymore but they are strong, reliable workers. We need another team and this might be a good spot for Ascension to jump back in and maybe another team from NXT. If they could get six tag teams going I’d feel pretty good about the status of that division. If nothing else it’s given people like Kidd and Kofi and Big E new life.

The rest of the show was fine for me. Big Show-Reigns was fun. The main event was a little too predictable for me and in my opinion a steel cage match doesn’t work well without blood. Overall it wasn’t a blow away show but there was enough good to make it enjoyable.

And now to the TV

Game 7 NHL Playoff Game between the Islanders and Capitals.

Game 6 NHL Playoff Game between the Red Wings and Lightning.

Chicago, Atlanta and Memphis try to close out their first round NBA Playoff series.

Nationals-Braves on ESPN

New Gotham, Bates Motel, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, etc. etc.

My PBS show for the night is Dick Cavett’s “Vietnam” which is a comp of old clips of that show as people would discuss the ongoing Vietnam conflict.

And of course RAW

Keep it clean!