Chyna in the HOF and Big Show

Hey Scott,

Without saying it directly, it seemed like HHH was referring to Chyna being in Playboy and having a sex tape that is keeping her out of the Hall of Fame and presumably why she isn't invited to any reunion specials. Yet has anyone thought to remind HHH that Shawn was in Playgirl? Or that X-Pac was in the very same sextape as Chyna? Am I wrong, or is this just another case of HHH's pettiness? Or something more?

Also, we all talk about the frying pan hands of the Big Show, but nobody ever brings up his typewriter-like forehead. I think that was a trope that Tazz used on a few occasions. I guess you need to see it in person to really appreciate the size of Big Show's body parts. (I should know, I was at Unforgiven '06.)

Sorry to bring so many naked wrestlers to mind… at least I didn't bring up Hogan's sex tape.

​Is there a hidden camera in this e-mail?  
Also, I'm pretty sure Chyna's rampant drug problems and public meltdowns have as much to do with her exile as her sex tape.  Probably moreso.  ​