Three NXT thoughts

1. In this week's tag match, did the team of Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins not remind you – like a fucking scary lot – like the two marines on trial for carrying out the code red in "A Few Good Men"?

2. I was sort of excited for Alex Riley to come back into the ring because I think he got the shaft after a pretty good feud with The Miz, but this rage gimmick is dumb. You're the goober analyst, and now I'm supposed to think you're a ball of suppressed rage? Get out.

3. Dana Brooke is crazy green. That match against poor Blue Pants was puke. Of course, she'll probably get called up next week because Vince has a throbbing tube steak in his pants watching her flex the bicep that many times in a row.


​1.  It's at least better than Dawkins' previous gimmick of "nerdy black guy".  I do at least enjoy the attempts to make new teams, however.
2.  I thought that his motivation for fighting Kevin Owens again was spectacularly honest:  "I've got nowhere else to be!"  You tell 'em, A-Ry.  I fully expect vignettes of Riley living alone in Bachelor Arms ala Kirk Van Houten next.
​3.  It's funny, because the vignettes, backstory, and name are clearly babyface​ indicators, and then she came out gyrating and rubbing herself while wearing Beth Phoenix's hand-me-down gear and I was like "Oh, I guess she's a heel then.  Yay."  And then she did the same "rub and pose" routine a bunch more times in case we didn't get the first time at the top of the ramp.  I guess it's part of the issue of the disconnect between the awesome indy show (Owens / Zayn / Balor) and decidedly developmental portions of the NXT brand.  Although with that being said, she's no Charlotte and should not have been put on TV yet.  I do think that continuing to mine the fitness model and gymnast world for new wrestlers is a great idea, though.  
Also, even though they're ass in the ring, I feel like Enzo and Cass would work well in an Attitude-era throwback sense on the main roster.  The Outlaws milked an entrance for years.  And they have Carmella for good measure.