NXT – April 15, 2015

Date: April 15, 2015
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Rich
Brennan, Corey Graves
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
NXT is back home
tonight after last week’s show took us to Axxess weekend. Things are
starting to get back to normal around here and there are some
interesting stories at the moment. Kevin Owens needs a new opponent
for the NXT Title, Blake and Murphy are on a collision course with
Enzo and Cass, Dana Brooke debuts tonight and we have Sami Zayn vs.
Rhyno. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.
CJ Parker vs.
Solomon Crowe
I’m pretty sure this is
Parker’s last appearance. The fans are behind Crowe as Parker
hammers on him in the corner. I love that Crowe has said he wants to
be NXT Champion. Even if that’s not a realistic option (at least not
yet), it’s what a wrestler in NXT should want to be. Crowe takes
Parker down in the corner and threatens a charge, sending Parker out
to the floor. He settles for a suicide dive and Parker is in pain on
the ramp.
Back in and Crowe
charges into a pair of boots in the corner to put him down for the
first time. A backsplash gets two for CJ and we hit the chinlock,
completely with a few LET’S GO CJ chants. Crowe fights up with some
right hands but gets turned inside out by a clothesline. A side kick
gets a near fall on Solomon but another backsplash hits feet. Crowe
goes up for a splash onto the leg, setting up an old Brock Lock
(bending Parker’s knee around his neck) for the submission at 5:09.
Rating: C-.
I’m not sold on Crowe yet but I like the idea of him using a
submission instead of a pin. He’s built a bit like Taz and it’s kind
of hard to buy him throwing punches and coming off the top as a
result. This worked well enough though as he wrestled a scrappy
style and found an opening to win. I’d like to see more development
from him though as there’s something in that hacker character. If
this is Parker’s last appearance, I’m going to miss him. You need
jobbers like him who are over with the fans no matter how many times
he loses.
match, Crowe says the show is just beginning.
Corbin vs. Steve Cutler
had been wondering what happened to Corbin. He was one of the
hottest things on the show and then he was jobbing in a highlight
package. Cutler eats an early clothesline but gets his days ended at
25 seconds.
Sami Zayn isn’t
surprised that he still has a target on his back. Kevin Owens used
him to get to the top but Rhyno isn’t going to do the same.
Enzo Amore/Colin
Cassady vs. Sawyer Fulton/Angelo Dawkins
Carmella is back and
still loathed by the fans. Enzo says he has a spectacular vernacular
and the Michael Jordan of Jargon. Cass says they are who they say
they are and they aren’t gonna fake it. Blake and Murphy have
something they want so they’re just gonna take it. Enzo grabs a
headlock on Fulton to start and takes him down for a walk over his
back. Fulton gets hold of Enzo’s wrist though and hooks a fireman’s
carry takeover. That’s fine with Enzo who brings in Big Cass for a
It’s quickly back to
Enzo but Fulton crotches him on top. Cue Blake and Murphy with
flowers for Carmella, who seems impressed despite the NO chants from
the fans. Back inside, Fulton goes old school with an abdominal
stretch to Enzo. He’s too close to the ropes though and Amore
escapes, followed by a Downward Spiral Stunner to get a breather.
The hot tag brings in Cass to clean house with the East River
Crossing, setting up a Rocket Launcher to pin Dawkins at 3:48.
Rating: C.
This is one of the things that I love about NXT: they take a really
basic idea for a feud like this one but execute it well enough with
characters that the crowd cares about that it’s easy to get into.
There’s nothing revolutionary here but the fans love Cass and Enzo so
they’re easy underdog challengers. Carmella
turning heel seems to be the next step, but maybe the champs are just
using her and both teams dump her?
and Enzo aren’t happy with Carmella taking the flowers.
Riley says he isn’t going away that easily. Not after all those
years of fighting for every inch, because Owens has painted a
bullseye on his back for the rest of his career. He
has nowhere else to go, so he’ll be waiting for Owens in the ring
next week.
Pants vs. Dana Brooke
Pants has a recorded version of Cass’ da-da-duh
da-da entrance and is introduced from the clearance aisle. The fans
still love her too and it’s one of those things that can only work
here in NXT. Brooke is a former bodybuilder with a decent rock song
for her entrance. She
shoves Blue Pants down and hammers in some slow right hands.
fans don’t seem to like Dana, but it might have something to do with
her being billed as the Total Diva. Graves
sounds like he has a big crush on her for a bit of flavor. Brooke
sends Blue Pants into the corner and stands on her head to choke
Pants with her boot. Blue
Pants comes back with some jobber offense but walks into a forearm,
setting up a Whiplash for the pin at 2:04. Total squash.
vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bayley in a #1 contenders match next week.
Zayn vs. Rhyno
dodges a bit to start but gets caught with a right hand to the face.
A headlock works a bit
better for Zayn until Rhyno shoves him away and shoulders him out to
the floor. The fans are
split about 60/40 in Sami’s favor but the Rhyno cheers are certainly
there. Back in and Sami
grabs a headscissors to send Rhyno outside for a second. It just
seems to make Rhyno angrier though so he pounds Sami into the corner
and chokes with the boot.
stiff SHUT UP to the fans get the cheers more in Sami’s favor (at
least they’re obedient) and Rhyno chokes on the ropes. Sami
comes back with forearms and a dropkick but Rhyno takes his head off
with a clothesline. Back from a break with Sami fighting out of a
chinlock and bobbing and
weaving to stay in a slugout. That’s fine until Rhyno plants him
with a spinebuster for two.
can barely get to his feet as Rhyno hits him with a running shoulder
in the corner. Fans:
IT’S NOT!” With the
wrestling not working, Sami gets up and starts firing off right hands
before the Blue Thunder Bomb gets a close two. Rhyno
catches the high cross body and muscles Sami up into a TKO for a near
fall of his own.
on his feet, Sami slaps Rhyno in the face, earning him a bunch of
right hands to the head. Rhyno
goes up for some reason and gets punched in the jaw, knocking him
down to the floor. There’s the big flip dive from Sami but
Rhyno throws him down with a belly to belly inside. The Gore misses
though and the Helluva Kick gives Sami the come from behind win at
Rating: B.
They had the right idea here by having Sami get a warmup for Owens by
facing someone who wrestles a very similar style and with a similar
body type. Sami is back to form here and the fans are going to be
ready for his rematch. That being said, hats off to Rhyno here, who
hasn’t been around the big leagues in a while but he put on a solid
performance here. Getting veterans here who can put over people like
Zayn while still looking good in the ring is invaluable for a place
like NXT, or any wrestling organization actually.
Overall Rating: C+.
This was back to form for NXT as they have a solid show with a good
main event and story advancement coupled with some quick matches to
help fill things out. The
key to this show is that it doesn’t do a lot of stupid things that
drag the product down. They
let the wrestling do the talking and the stories tell themselves
naturally. In other words, they don’t shove things down your throat
and beat you over the head with them. Those key differences are why
NXT work so well and I hope they don’t change anytime soon.
Solomon Crowe b. CJ
Parker – Brock Lock
Baron Corbin b. Steve
Cutler – End of Days
Enzo Amore/Colin
Cassady b. Sawyer Fulton/Angelo Dawkins – Rocket Launcher to
Dana Brooke b. Blue
Pants – Whiplash
Sami Zayn b. Rhyno –
Helluva Kick
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