Cena… Again

Sorry to beat the dead horse but I REALLY don't get this Cena thing.  So in London, they have him BEAT Barrett cleanly after taking and kicking out of Barrett's finisher.  Kill the crowd early by beating their hometown favorite, but also Barrett is "# 1 contender to the IC Title".  So by default Cena already beat D-Bry's top competition, a subtle nod that Cena is above Bryan.  What's the end game? Does Rusev win in back?  Or does Cena win and keep defeating mid carders until it's time to break Flair's record?

​Cena keeps defeating midcarders until the night after Extreme Rules, when Finn Balor answers the challenge and footstomps him to win the title.  And Barrett lost 18 times in a row leading up to Wrestlemania, no one cares at this point about his credibility anyway.  ​