BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

TNA Wrestlers Not Getting Paid?

According to several TNA wrestlers who have reached out to, TNA is well behind on payment to their wrestlers. One wrestler said the company is two pay periods behind while another claims he has not been paid since February. Mike Johnson of has reached out to sources in the TNA offices in Nashville and has confirmed that the payment issues are legitimate and a great source of frustration within the offices over the past several weeks as well. One factor involved is that the TNA checks are not cut from the Nashville offices but rather from TNA’s parent company, Panda Energy, and their offices in Dallas, TX. Panda has also moved their offices and while that happened the department that issued the checks for TNA talent was closed.

Vince McMahon High on New Tag Team

It has been reported that Vince McMahon has been impressed with the Lucha Dragons since their debut on RAW, so much so that he would like to make them the Tag Team Champions. He reportedly feels that the duo is over and that their lucha-themed gimmick is a winner.

WWE Ring Announcer Undergoes Surgery

Lillian Garcia underwent surgery for a torn meniscus. She was replaced by JoJo and Eden for the UK tour.

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