Mania 23 questions

I have this thing where I'm watching PPV's from the era when I largely was ignoring pro wrestling at the time, and am on the all grown up mania as they called it. Have a couple questions.

1. What's the deal with the Kennedy guy. Wins money in the back and is built up as this big thing. Last I knew he was in TNA. Just fizzled out or some sort of political mumbojumbo.

2. This Khali guy sucks, but is big and big guys sucking has never stopped them before. Why waste him getting slammed by the likes of Kane? Again I get him sucking, but why not save that moment for someone else?

​1.  Wasn't really mumbo jumbo, he seriously injured Randy Orton and failed multiple drug tests, then got caught in the Signature Pharmacy bust.  Vince liked the guy and he had a killer entrance, but there's only so many fuckups that he'll put up with and Kennedy was way over the limit.​
2.  The Kane-Khali match was actually the final permutation of a bizarre series of circumstances around that show, and in the earliest stages was supposed to be Hulk Hogan (as Donald Trump's avatar) slamming Big Show (as Vince McMahon's avatar) to win the Battle of the Billionaires and recreate the WM3 moment all in one fell swoop.  The match of course went through a series of changes with first Big Show pulling out (which would have given us Hogan slamming Khali) and then Hogan pulling out (at which point the Billionaire match was split off from the bodyslam thing entirely) and then ended up as Kane slamming Khali to recreate WM3 instead.  Honestly, it kinda sorta made sense at the time if you had been following along with the all wacky changes that the show went through and could put together the logic behind it.  

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