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Wanted to hit on a bunch but don’t have time.

Watched the Savage doc. I didn’t feel the need to get too much into his wrestling so I enjoyed more of the total life aspect they went with. Even though Lanny is probably covering for him a bit in terms of the Elizabeth stuff I appreciate that younger brother had his back.

It was good stuff but a lot of it hit home because I’ve driven down the road in Seminole he had his fateful accident hundreds of times. I knew the complex on Sunset Beach where he had his condo. I’ve been to the Ferg’s sports bar referenced many times. I know some of the people that wrote the stories in the newspaper clips so it was kind of nice to hear all these local people in my community speak so highly of him. And the fact that he was, at least by the accounts in the documentary, happy and committed to spending his days with his family and wife makes the sudden death all that much more sad.

Anyway also watched WM a second time, this time on the big screen and the Orton-Rollins was much better than I thought. Really good stuff. Still a great main event that told a pretty good little story. Good stuff.

I wonder where they are going to go with some guys. What do you do with Rusev if you want Cena to have a good title reign? There’s not a lot of money in a heel chasing a face for a title. And with Rollins holding the World strap that won’t be a possible route.

What do you do with Bray? He’s completely directionless. I think they need to get the Wyatt Family back in another form. Obviously Harper is fine without him but Rowan could come back. Or I suggested in a thread to form a new family with real-life brother Bo Dallas and a third guy like Rhyno, who can be used as enforcing veteran to back the young guys and help them get over while taking some falls for them. Or go the full Raven route and give him a Flock. Throw Zach Ryder and Heath Slater and other guys that aren’t doing anything. His gimmick is one that he needs to be leading a stable of some sort.

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