Michael Cole is still dead

If rumors are true and "Michael Cole" shows up on Raw, would this have been the most ridiculous fake injury on-air talent have recovered from in a week?

As I recall, Triple H survived being dropped from his car when it was lifted up by 20-30 feet by Austin.  The Rock survived the nWo beat down followed by his ambulance being jacknifed by Hogan's semi.  Vince survived the explosion, but they dropped the storyline on that.

RIP Michael Cole. 

Well, plans change.  ​I was hoping to find a clip on Youtube of "Mr. Burns was pronounced dead at the hospital, before being moved to a better hospital where his condition was upgraded to alive."  
It also blows my mind that they have access to Jim Ross and Joey Styles as temporary commentary choices and still feel like they HAVE to rush Michael Cole back as if people somehow give a shit about him.  They spent an entire year building up an angle where he was a complete dickface to the fans and then just expected them to suddenly like him again because Lawler had a heart attack?   ​