WWF Boston Garden May 2nd, 1987

May 2, 1987

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

Frenchy Martin vs. Nick Kiniski

They lockup and break when reaching the ropes as the crowd now boos Martin for ducking outside, with Hayes putting over Martin’s stalling abilities. Kiniski briefly works a headscissors then locks on an armbar. Kiniski continues to work the arm for a while as the announcers hype his potential before talking about his father, Gene. Kiniski then catches Martin with a monkey flip and a slam before going back to the arm. Martin pokes the eye of Kiniski then finally gets in some offense as he beats Kiniski in the corner. Kiniski misses a charge and sells his chest as Martin goes to work with his terrible offense. He works a nerve hold on the mat as the crowd chants “boring.” Martin sends Kiniski to the floor, who slingshots back inside with a sunset flip for a nearfall, then both men collide after an Irish whip sequence. Kiniski gets up and nails Martin with a dropkick then catches him with a slam for two. Martin begs for mercy in the corner then shortly after that Kiniski floats over and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for the win (11:31) *.

Thoughts: There was no reason on earth for this to last as long as it did. The last minute was okay as Kiniski hit a few decent moves but that was about all that happened. Martin could barely move and was way past the point of usefulness. Kiniski might have made it as a midcard white-meat babyface like five years prior but was unable to convey any emotion in the ring. He had a good look and some decent ability but that was all. He was gone from the company fairly shortly after this match.

The Islanders vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Hayes calls the Islanders the most improved team this year, with exception of the Hart Foundation. Tama uses his speed and agility to elude Smash but gets caught with a shot to the face. Tama fights back and works the arm as Fuji is on commentary talking about his team making everyone suffer. Crossbody gets one then Tama tags Haku, who also works the arm. Smash pokes his eye then tags Ax, who catches Haku in a powerslam. Haku rolls away from an elbow drop then catches Ax with a thrust kick. Haku works the arm until Ax kills him with a clothesline. However, Haku goes right back to the arm. Tama tags and also works the arm until Smash knees him in the back from the apron. Fuji chokes Tama with his cane as the ref is distracted as Demolition is in control. Tama fights back until Ax attacks him from behind after a blind tag. Tama gets worked over in the corner then gets destroyed as he hangs by his foot on the ropes. Tama nails Smash with a flying clothesline then makes the tag as Haku runs wild. The match breaks down the Ax nails Tama with Fuji’s cane behind the ref’s back as Smash makes the cover for the win (9:32) **1/4.

Thoughts: A basic tag match here as Demolition’s strong push up the Tag Team Division ranks continues.

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Sivi Afi

Sharpe attacks Afi before the bell. Afi comes back with a few armdrags that has Sharpe rolling outside for a breather. He grabs a headlock when he returns inside then blocks a hiptoss. Afi fights back as they fuck up a hiptoss spot that has Sharpe back to the outside. Sharpe goes for a test of strength as they fight over that briefly until Sharpe kicks him down. Afi now has the advantage as he brings Sharpe down and steps on his fingers. Sharpe heads up the aisle the finally comes back and catches Afi with a cheapshot before going to work. Afi no-sells a pair of turnbuckle smashes but misses a corner splash. Afi comes back with a slow-mo sunset flip for two but Sharpe gets up and chokes him out on the ropes. Sharpe gets a few nearfalls before Afi fights back and eventually bites Sharpe on the forehead. Afi hits a flying clothesline then hits a chop from the second rope for two. Afi then goes back up top for a crossbody but Sharpe rolls through the move and grabs a handful of tights for the pin (9:37) 3/4*.

Thoughts: This was pretty bad as it was all stalling mixed in with mediocre action. Afi was never over with the crowds as a face and wasn’t all that good at being one to begin with.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
King Harley Race vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion)

Heenan is absent tonight as he sells the attack from Patera at the debate, which aired the day of this show. A female fan gets escorted back to her seat after she jumps in the aisle and heads near the ring with her “Hulkamania” sign. Race attacks Hogan to start, getting pissed off at the crowd chants. Hogan reverses an Irish whip then clotheslines the shit out of Race in the corner. He then clotheslines Race over the top rope and rolls him back in where begs for mercy. Hogan hammers away until Race headbutts Hogan in the gut. Hogan blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as he knocks Race around. Race then uses Hogan’s momentum to send him to the floor and takes control of the match. He gets a nearfall after a series of leg and elbow drops then stays on the attack. He follows Hogan outside and hits a falling headbutt then drops Hogan’s throat across the guardrail. Race tries a piledriver but Hogan counters that with a backdrop as both men are down on the floor. Back inside, Hogan fires away then hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Race applies a sleeper. The crowd rallies behind Hogan as he drops to one knee. Hogan then hulks up just before his arm dropped for the third time as he hits a clothesline. Hogan drills Race with the Axe Bomber but gets headbutted in the corner. Race hits a few more headbutts that bust Hogan open. Race then heads up top for a diving headbutt but misses then Hogan rolls him up for the win (9:17) **1/2. A bloodied Hogan holds up the belt and chases Race away. However, after a minute of celebrating and posing, Race comes back with his crown to attack him from behind. Hogan is down as the mat is covered in blood. A few referees then help Hogan get back to his feet.

Thoughts: Solid match. Race’s over exaggerated selling looked way too goofy at times though. Even still, his bump when getting clotheslined looks cool. This was more about setting up for a blowoff of the feud in Boston than anything else.

Sika w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Pete Doherty

Doherty is the face here as he comes out awkwardly slapping hands with the fans. Sika uses back rakes and bites to attack Doherty. He hammers away until Dohery ducks a clothesline an dropkicks Sika onto the apron. Doherty briefly attacks Sika until that gets stopped with an eye rake. Sika chops him down then uses gauges and bites until he chops him up against the ropes. Doherty fights back using some of the illegal tactics that Sika used along with a lot of screaming. Sika misses a falling headbutt then Doherty stomps his feet but shortly after that Sika catches him with a Samoan Drop that looked like it killed him for the win (3:07) DUD.

Thoughts: This was awful unless you are a fan of biting and gauging in your matches. Sika was of little use to the WWF at this point and Doherty was just a wacky jobber.

Johnny V. vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Johnny’s sneak attack fails as Brutus hammers away. Johnny bails after getting slammed and heads up the aisle. Brutus slingshots him back in the ring then hammers away. Johnny comes back with a low blow then beats on Brutus in the corner until his Irish whip gets reversed and Brutus catches him in a sleeper for the win (3:24) 1/2*. Brutus signals for the scissors as he then starts cutting Johnny’s hair until the referee takes them away. Beefcake then starts asking for crowd support before attacking Johnny and follows that with a strut.

Thoughts: Brief and inoffensive. The good news here is that the crowd was responding well to the barber act. Johnny V. did not belong inside of a ring in 1987. Hell, even Lord Alfred Hayes was making fun of him.

Hogan comes out wearing jeans and holding the belt with blood still on his forehead. He tells the fans that all he wants is Race in a match with no rules and if he loses, he will quit wrestling forever.

Jake Roberts comes out for his scheduled match against the Honky Tonk Man dressed in street clothes with his arm in a sling, selling the beating from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Well, this show took place the day that show aired and this Boston Garden Show was shown on NESN a few week after it took place, meaning the fans in attendance had most likely had no idea about why he was injured. He then talks with a referee and a few other officials as Honky is taunting Jake about his injury as ring announcer Mel Phillips informs us that Jake will not be able to wrestle. However, Honky will be forced to wrestle Ken Patera, who comes out holding the snake bag as the crowd goes nuts as Hart and Honky try to protest the decision.

Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ken Patera w/ Jake Roberts

Lots of stalling to start as Honky keeps going outside as Patera flexes his pecs. The announcers are putting over Patera’s physique a lot here. The ref steps between them as they lockup in the corner then after Honky misses a sneak attack, Patera slams him halfway across the ring as the crowd goes insane, pelting Honky and Hart with trash. Honky’s selling of that was a thing of beauty too. Patera slams him again as Honky rolls outside fora breather. Back in the ring, Patera beats on Honky as Hart joins the announcers table briefly screaming about how this is unfair and promising that Patera will get hurt as Gorilla asks him about injuring Roberts at “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Honky takes advantage after booting Patera as he attempted a backdrop but Patera takes him down and works over the arm for a bit, even dragging him over near the snake bag as Honky panics. Patera misses a charge and rams his shoulder against the post as Honky focuses on that. Honky starts taunting the fans then slaps Patera, who is tied up in the ropes. Honky then heads over near Jake to taunt him but that allows Patera to get up and hit Honky with an atomic drop. Honky begs for mercy as Patera overpowers him but that fails as Patera hits a backbreaker for two. Patera then catches Honky in a bearhug as Hart jumps up on the apron. Honky escapes but Jake trips him up then Patera drops an elbow as the ref turns around and counts to three (9:22) **. After the match, Honky grabs the mic and yells about how Jake tripped him but Patera gets him from behind as Jake grabs the snake but Hart hits Patera from behind with the megaphone for the save.

Thoughts: Much better than I thought to be honest. Honky was one of the best chickenshit heels of his era and possibly of all time. You always wanted to see someone kick his ass and he kept the matches entertaining at all times, showing the fact you don’t need an arsenal of moves to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Patera didn’t really do anything besides body slams and forearm smashes as Honky was able to carry the match. I also liked the finish with Jake outsmarting Hart and Honky, getting some payback for his loss at WrestleMania III.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs

The Bulldogs go right after the Hart Foundation to start the match. The stipulation here is that Danny Davis was barred from the building. Well, he was facing Koko B. Ware at the Rosemont Horizon this same day as the WWE ran three shows. Davey gets a crucifix on Bret for a nearfall then tags Dynamite. Neidhart runs in and takes down Dynamite as the Hart Foundation uses quick tags to work over the back of Dynamite. Neidhart grabs a front facelock as Dynamite tries to make the tag but Neidhart pulls him back into his corner as the Harts go back to work. Dynamite finally makes the tag but the referee did not see it take place then Davey chases Bret around the ring and catches him inside but the ref orders him back to the apron. Dynamite ducks an attack as Neidhart takes Bret off of the apron then its the hot tag to Davey as he runs wild on both guys. Bret breaks up a pin attempt and a sleeper from Davey as the match breaks down. Davey hits Neidhart with a vertical suplex then Jimmy Hart comes in with the megaphone but Davey boots him down then hits Bret with it for the DQ (7:47) **. The Bulldogs have Jimmy in the ring then Davey presses him over the top rope and onto his team.

Thoughts: Dynamite could barely move as the Harts did not use any high impact moves on him at all. Davey looked awesome and the Harts made it entertaining so it wasn’t a terrible match or anything but far from the best these two teams have had.

Final Thoughts: Not a great show by any means. Hogan/Race was solid, Patera/Honky was entertaining, and the two tag matches were passable but everything else was dull. The roster was stretched thin as they had three shows this night: A “B” show in Chicago headlined by Steamboat/Savage in a cage and a “C” show in Clinton, NY that was headlined by Haynes/Hercules in a chain match. An interesting note about depth was that Curt Hennig had actually agreed to join the WWF at this time but the AWA finally agreed to give him the Heavyweight Title so he reconsidered. And a couple of weeks after this the WWF went out and signed Ted DiBiase, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the Dingo Warrior (Ultimate Warrior). About the show itself, I cannot really recommend this unless you are a huge, huge fan of Hogan.

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