Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well that was a pretty fun Wrestlemania eh? One thing about that particular event is that even the “bad” Wrestlemanias give you something to latch onto be it a special entrance or a particular segment. Yesterday, without the budget of having a live act sing someone out they spiced up the entrances even more than normal. Rusev’s tank entrance was amazing and he’s earn that sort of buildup with his work over the past year.

The matches were all good. I thought the main event was spectacular and the swerve at the end was brilliant. Brock Lesnar continues to elevate as the top babyface in the company. Seth Rollins has really earned the opportunity he got last night. I thought Roman Reigns was great in the match even though he apparently can’t do anything right. I enjoyed his comeback segments and it gave the match some depth. Blood helped too and I’m glad if that’s going to happen they save it for Wrestlemania.

The Rock-Rousey/McMahons segment would have been better about five minutes shorter and with Steph going down to a real armbar, but I guess there were reasons that should have happened. Only problem with the segment was by HHH bumping for Rhonda you really can’t sell her as a women’s wrestler down the road. As talented as the NXT workers are it would be tough to take any of them seriously against her in a worked fight because she beat up men. Better booking would have been for Steph to take the hip toss and barely escape the armbar. At least she would have actually bumped.

Other than that, enjoy the RAW after Wrestlemania. Should be very entertaining because of the fan reactions.

Also on TV:

Women’s Elite Eight: UConn should kill Dayton but Tennessee-Maryland might be good.

NHL has six games with Lightning-Canadiens and Kings-Blackhawks having major playoff implications

NBA has seven games with Houston-Toronto being the best of the bunch

I think ESPN or ESPN2 has some Arena Football on late tonight

Comedy Central Roast of Justin Beiber is tonight

New Episodes of: Better Call Saul, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Bates Motel, American Dad, Two Broke Girls…tons to watch!

Try to keep it clean…but if you can’t just don’t be too bad.