BoD Daily Update

WWE Planning Major Changes For The Diva’s Division?

According to PWInsider, the WWE is going to change the way in which the divas are portrayed on TV. Reportedly, the “Give the Divas a Chance” movement opened up a lot of eyes within the company with regards to how the divas are booked. There is also a feeling that since they portray the diva characters so strongly on “Total Divas” but are not presented the same way on WWE TV, that they might lose viewers for the “Total Divas” show.

Update on Jimmy Jacobs WWE Role

Jacobs, who was speculated as being hired to work on the creative team for NXT, has now been confirmed for working on the creative team of the main roster as he will be moving to Connecticut.


Finn Balor Interview

Balor was interviewed for “Between the Ropes” and spoke about how he almost decided against joining the WWE and was presented the name “Danny Best” before deciding on Finn Balor. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.

Information for Those Attending WrestleMania Today

Just thought I would post this for those going to the show today as it is a brief list of rules and policies of the stadium.