Biggest Heel Win at Mania

Hi, Scott.  Do you think the babyfaces will win each of the four big singles matches at 'Mania, or will WWE throw at least one curveball?  Looking at each match individually, I think Reigns, Cena, Sting and 'Taker will win, but it would also seem kind of odd for the potential biggest heel win on the show to be Rollins (a stip match with Orton at Extreme Rules makes sense, and Orton shouldn't have the Raw beatdown and win the first match).  I suppose the faces winning but the show ending with Rollins successfully cashing in would provide some balance but don't think WWE would have Roman's first title reign end like Bryan's did at Summerslam.

​No, they will not.  I can definitely see Cena losing, though, and probably Sting as well.  Taker's not coming back to do a job, though.  ​