Mania for free?

Hi Scott/BODers

So…I’ve just re-subscribed to the network from my UK adress (having spent the previous 6 months residing in a hospital in Texas) and it seems that my first payment isn’t due until Apri 5th – about a week after Mania. Seems like a huge oversight on their part given the expected huge number of people who will sign up solely for Mania. There is nothing to stop someone signing up on the day, cancelling the following day and never paying WWE a penny.
S’up with that?

I’m just bummed that Sling TV actually found out my Canadian IP and banned my account.  That shit was AWESOME. 
Anyway, I was under the impression that your credit card is instantly debited by the $9.99 because you’re basically paying in advance, but perhaps they changed the system for the worse?