Lack of Build Up


Can you remember a single Wrestlemania where the top three matches were built up so poorly.
All three top matches (Reigns/Lesnar, HHH/Sting & Undertaker.Wyatt) have the same problem.
1) 1 participant not appearing on tv regularly if at all.
2) No hatred or real rivalry between the participants
3) The fans don't care about the result.

With 1 week left to go. Is there any way to salvage this buildup?

Roman Reigns suddenly develops the power of time travel and thwarts the Kennedy assassination?  
I think Wrestlemania 13 might have been worse on top with non-drawing Sid defending against Undertaker in a foregone conclusion, but at least there was intrigue around the Bret Hart stuff there.  11 at least had a storyline behind the top two matches.  12 was pretty weak but clearly people were still invested in Shawn Michaels as a challenger.  
I do have to say that at least they're making an effort to sell Sting v. HHH as a big deal, even if the result 100% doesn't matter, so there's that.