I was watching NXT with my wife and I remarked, "I love Kevin Owens. He's such a jerk." She said, "You're so funny with your love of heels." We then talked about how WWE can't write faces anymore and I asked her if she could describe what Roman Reigns's motivation even is at this point. She thought for a moment, and couldn't come up with it. No one can because WWE faces don't seem to have relatable human motivation.

I then told her about how Kevin Owens came to NXT to win the title, which provides a better life for his family, and he doesn't care who he has to step on to get and keep it because he waited for so long for the opportunity. She got it immediately. And then I said, "Plus, he's a jerk, which is just plain entertaining."

Cut to this week's show where after his scuffle with Finn Balor, Owens is fleeing and as he passes by the fallen Alex Riley, he gives him one more stomp just because he's a dick. That's a great heel. Entertaining and someone you might find in real life.

Anyway, I wish a rule could be instituted where no character can exist without being able to explain their motivation/point of view in one sentence. Good rule?

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Oh man, THANK YOU for bringing up that stomp, because my wife thought I was losing my mind last night when I watched that match and I was laughing my head off and she couldn't understand why.  Kevin Owens is the best.