Gedo Hate?

Dear Scott,


Long-time reader, occasional asker of dumb questions…


I was reading your old rant on the 1995 Super J Cup because (reasons missing), and couldn’t help but notice some of the greatest bashing of a wrestler I’ve ever seen. With the exception of some Hulk Hogan inspired rants from his WCW era, I don’t recall you having this much venom for one particular person. I’m sure its been asked years ago, but what was the hate for? Bad worker? Awful look? His existence in general?


Second question: If Roman Reigns was the wrong kind of biscuit, would you fire the man who served him to you?

​Basically I was really wanting to see various combinations of Jericho/Benoit/Liger/awesome dudes in the Super J tournaments, and here was this guy with a goofy look who was well below them on the workrate chain kind of getting pushed as a favor to the WAR promotion.  ​By 99-2001 he was much better and didn't bug me any more, but he really felt overpushed and out of place in that field.  And of course, shockingly, I decided to overplay it for a cheap gag.  Not really much more to it than that.