Taker vs Reigns

Hindsight being 20/20 would it have been better for the Streak to stay intact and do Reigns vs Taker and Bryan vs Brock for the title this year? This way you satisfy both fanbases and it's not like beating the Streak did all that much for Brock anyway. Plus, giving the rub to Reigns with the Streak would be way better than beating a lame duck champ that is leaving.

​The problem is not Brock or the streak or any of those other things.  The original plan of "Brock breaks the streak, destroys champion at Summerslam, lays waste to WWE until conquering hero gets mega-rub at WM" is totally viable and fine.  The problem has always been that Reigns is the wrong guy and has never worked in the role.  So no, giving Reigns the streak win instead of the Brock win doesn't help anything.  ​