MMA Fight Week Preview (plea for a plug)

Hey Scott, you have helped me in the past when you linked my CM Punk article. I was wondering (if time permits) if you could do the same for my fight week preview. While this weekend is not going to move the needle, it is a stacked lineup. It's been a while since we've seen an event that is a real value as far as start to finish.

I personally find the fights (and the sport) more compelling when I take a little time to study the technical aspects. I've written this article to be a user friendly overview, but I've included links throughout that allow the reader to read more into the subject (articles written by people smarter than me).

I also write as a lifelong pro wrestling fan, and a consumer who understands that sometimes the UFC company line is bullshit.

If you give me a plug, I'd appreciate it. 

​I was actually debating whether to fling my $10 a month, monkey-poo style, at either NJ World or Fight Pass, and went with NJ because I just can't see myself sitting through prelims and at least NJ World gives you the whole show live.  
Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to Overeem v. Nelson, actually.  Also, Rousey's buyrate numbers keep going up, with Dave now saying they're above Silva v. Diaz, which would put it probably over 800,000 buys by my feeble maths.  Go Ronda!  ​