Worst ‘Mania Debate

Hi Scott–

So I'm working my way through the Wrestlemania shows in anticipation(?) for this year's event, and just got done with 27. Good night, that is a miserable PPV. This inspired me to think; now that we have 30 of them in the books, which one is now the reigning, defending undisputed worst Wrestlemania in history?

After thinking about the buildup and payoff for reach show, my final four read thusly;

WM 2: Yes, we all love the Bulldogs victory at this show, but man there is a lot of fast-forwardable drek on this stinker. From the women's match to the flag match, from the epic Adonis v. Elmer confrontation to Hogan and Bundy in the Big Blue Cage, very little about this show is appealing/holds up well.

WM 9: The one most people bring up as the worst ever. Dull matches with little point, the worst Undertaker match in 'Mania history, and the Hogan egofest at the end. At least Shawn carries Tantanka to a decent match, and Bret walked IN with the title, right?

WM 15: I know you're fond of the phrase "Vince Russo ruins Wrestlemania" for this show, and yes, up and down 15 most likely has the worst undercard of all time, but Austin/Rock I is still awesome in all of it's Attitude Era-glory. This is the ultimate example of a show you bought for one match, and that one match delivered 100%. The atrocity that is the rest of the card is hard to overlook, though.

WM 27: I didn't remember the show being as horrendous as it is until I viewed it again. Sweet Chocolate Jeebus it is awful. Snooki, the anonymous Raw GM, an 8-man match that lasts all of 4 minutes, and lest we forget HEEL MICHAEL COLE on commentary, as well as his turd of a match with Lawler. When even Rock's charisma can't save a show, you're in trouble. Plus, the absolute worst built, boringly wrestled, and worst booked main event in 'Mania history. Yeah, it has Taker/HHH, but I don't think the match holds up well, certainly not like the Shawn/Taker matches, or even the rematch from WM 28. For two guys who would run down ECW, there is an awful lot of "car crash move/lie on mats" psychology in that match.

So what do you think? As reviled as 9 is, I'm leaning towards 27 as king turd. Maybe it's the nostalgia of performers I enjoyed in my youth, but I find 9 to simply be a boring show, whereas 27 is one of those "hours of my life I'll never get back" experience for me. Which one do you think is the reigning cham-peen, and do you think 31 has a chance to take the title this year?


Well, for me, I didn't see 27 until years later and it stands as the first Wrestlemania where I actually skipped the show out of apathy, so that's pretty damning.  I will say at least 9 and 15 are fascinating car wrecks and have that going for them.  I think 4 and 5 should also be in the conversation, specifically the four hour slog that is 4, with the worst WM crowd in history and no memorable matches.  I just can't give the crown to 27 with that HHH v. Taker match going for it, but I can see where others might not like it and thus it would stand as the clear worst.