Smackdown – March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan
Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, Jerry Lawler
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
should be interesting to see if this week’s show continues
Smackdown’s recent focus on the Intercontinental Title. After all
the weeks of World Title build on Raw, it’s nice to have something a
bit different on the other show, if nothing else just to avoid the
fatigue of seeing the same things over and over again. Let’s get to

Daniel Bryan to get things going. He thanks the fans for their
kindness and says he’s been trying to ignore that Wrestlemania sign
since Fast Lane. It’s become clear to him that he can’t repeat what
happened last year at Wrestlemania, but when one door closes, another
door opens.
few weeks ago, he was surrounded by people fighting for the
Intercontinental Championship and it got him thinking about his
heroes. People like Mr. Perfect, Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Shawn
Michaels and Randy Savage. When they were fighting for the
Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania, it was more exciting than
anything happening in the World Title division. Wrestlemania VIII
would disagree with you Bryan.
officially in the ladder match this year though and the fans are very
pleased. This brings out Bad News Barrett who reminds us that he’s
still the champion and will still be after Wrestlemania. Dolph
Ziggler comes out to disagree but he does say Bryan is his hero.
Barrett may be the champion but he can’t even hang onto the belt.
How could he possibly do that with six other guys throwing him off
ladders at Wrestlemania?
Harper to say he wants his Wrestlemania moment. That sounds so wrong
coming from someone like Harper. He should be more like old school
Cactus Jack who just does stuff for the sake of violence. Dean
Ambrose comes out to a very loud reaction to say every one of them
should be locked up if they think they can fight without inviting
him. He even knows a good place they can be held for observation if
need be.
it’s Stardust who grabs a mic and looks under the ring for the white
stallion of the Milky Way. He wants the ivory enterprise, but
instead gets R-Truth with the burlap sack. Truth pulls out the belt
and calls it a beaut. He thinks the title has been passed around
enough so he’s going to hold it until Wrestlemania when he climbs
that ladder. Barrett cuts him off but Truth calls him sizzle chest.
A brawl finally breaks out and it’s Ziggler, Ambrose and Bryan left
Day vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro/Los Matadores
E. is on the floor this time and Los Matadores confirm their heel
turn in an inset interview where they say they’ll do whatever it
takes to have their Wrestlemania moment. Not win the titles mind you
but have their moment. Kofi and Diego get things going with the
masked man stomping away in the corner. Kingston dropkicks him down
for two and it’s quickly off to Woods. The intelligence doesn’t seem
warmed up yet as Diego drags him into the corner for the tag to
tags himself in, much to Woods’ annoyance. Hey dude get over it.
You kind of suck in the ring. Diego offers a distraction to break up
the Whisper in the Wind and Jimmy gets crotched on the top. We take
a break and come back with with Diego jumping on Jimmy’s back on the
ropes and putting on a chinlock. Jerry: “What do you call a
matador with a rubber toe? Roberto!” Jimmy fights up and makes
the hot tag to Jimmy, leaving Cesaro to yell at Los Matadores.
starts cleaning house but Kofi tags himself in for a springboard
cross body for two on Kidd. Some heel miscommunication sends them to
the floor and the good guys bust out dives, only to have Woods land
on Jey. Again, he’s not that bright. Cesaro uppercuts Kofi through
the ropes and Kidd loads up the fisherman’s neckbreaker, only to have
Fernando tag himself in. Diego sneaks in with a Backstabber for the
pin on Kofi at 8:40.
C+. This did its job and that’s
almost all you can ask for out of a match like this. I’m
assuming it’s another multi-team match at Wrestlemania, just like
last year, but I’m not sure this one is going to be as good. It also
says something that the Usos and Los Matadores are still in the
match, just like Cesaro but with a different partner. You would
think something would have changed by now. Still
though, good way to set things up here.
on Sting vs. HHH.
of Rusev vs. Cena from Monday.
lists off his career accomplishments and says winning the battle
royal will be the latest entry on that list. Mizdow is worried that
Miz can’t beat Ryback tonight so Miz tells him to stay in the back,
press his pants and get him a drink that is way too complicated to
vs. Ryback
will have none of the sunglasses being taken off so he puts Miz on
the top rope. A delayed suplex brings Miz right back down but he
hammers Ryback into the ropes to take over. The fans want Mizdow as
Ryback blocks a running boot and plants Miz with a spinebuster. The
Meat Hook and Shell Shock are good for the pin at 2:59. Ryback’s
push continues to look strong.
chuckles in the back.
Roman Reigns to respond to Paul Heyman’s comments from Raw. We get a
quick clip of Heyman talking about Lesnar destroying Rock, Undertaker
and Cena and promising Brock will do the same thing and worse to
Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. Reigns says Heyman thinks he knows his
family but he’s just disrespecting them. Heyman thinks Reigns is
three generations removed from cannibalism? Who thinks that? Reigns
won’t take someone disrespecting his family and telling him he can’t
when he can. He’ll win at Wrestlemania and do his family proud.
brings out a slightly thinner Mark Henry, who thinks Reigns is either
trying to be funny or he’s been hit in the head by one too many
coconuts. He doesn’t like anyone talking about his heritage but
Reigns needs to understand that Heyman has gotten under his skin.
Mark knows who he is, and he’s been in the ring with Lesnar. Brock
nearly killed him with the F5 on the floor and Mark doesn’t think
Roman is ready for that.
says with all due respect but Mark cuts him off and says Reigns has
to earn respect around here. That’s enough for Roman as he goes to
walk away but Mark spins him around and yells at Reigns for being a
young buck that thinks he knows it all. That earns him a Superman
Punch and a spear through the barricade.
is tired of hearing he can’t, because he can and he will. Believe
that. The family heritage idea is better than nothing but it’s still
not much of a connection to a guy like Reigns. However, being tired
of being told he can’t do something and proving people wrong IS
something people can connect to and the idea they probably should
have gone for months ago.
look back at Bray Wyatt’s speech from Monday and Undertaker lighting
the chair on fire to accept the challenge.
Lee/Paige vs. Summer Rae/Cameron
is so excited for this match that she took off the white shirt under
her jacket between the walk through the back and the entrances. The
Bellas are on commentary as you would probably expect. Paige kicks
Cameron in the ribs to start and it’s off to AJ in about five
seconds. AJ goes after Summer on the apron and gets nailed from
behind by Cameron.
two weeks before Wrestlemania, the Bellas are bragging about the
ratings for Total Divas. Summer puts AJ in a chinlock as they
FINALLY start talking about the upcoming tag match. Paige gets the
tag and cleans house with her set of clotheslines, setting up the PTO
for the tap out from Summer at 2:25.
and AJ yell at the Bellas post match. My guess is they’re saying
look back at Reigns and Henry in case we have the attention span of a
says Reigns has made a believer out of him. He doesn’t think Reigns
will beat Lesnar, but now he believes Reigns can. It’s a shame this
wasn’t Sexual Chocolate as the old Henry would have certainly hit on
Renee in her stomach revealing top here. Very fetching indeed.
look at a Cricket Wireless event with Dolph Ziggler. He’s bringing
some kids to Smackdown to be ringside.
and behold, the kids are here.
week’s sitdown interview is with Randy Orton. He looks at the
footage of Rollins curb stomping him a few months back and says that
night changed him. We see him returning at Fast Lane but that wasn’t
the best way to get his revenge. Instead he wove his way back into
the Authority to gain their trust. This is really, really not making
this horrible story make more sense.
used Reigns to get closer to Rollins and this past Monday was reverse
psychology. Apparently in WWE, reverse psychology is code for REALLY
STUPID STORY. Orton explained getting rid of everyone else in the
Authority, even though he had almost nothing to do with getting rid
of Big Show or Mercury. Basically all he did was punch Noble.
he walked away from the tag and had fun beating Rollins up. Orton
loved every single bit of hurting Rollins this past Monday and he let
all of it out. He’s ready for the Authority’s retribution and is
ready to challenge Rollins for Wrestlemania. Good for you Randy.
You had a stupid plan in a stupid story that makes no sense when you
actually think about it, but good for you.
Bryan/Dolph Ziggler/Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper/Bad News
no Truth on commentary here. Ambrose headlocks Barrett to start and
runs him over with a running forearm. Off to Stardust vs. Ziggler
with the painted one taking over in the corner. Cole talks about
Stardust being like Gollum with the Intercontinental Title. To mix
things up a bit, Saxton thinks Stardust is acting like Kim
Kardashian. I’m going to move on to Bryan putting Stardust in the
surfboard instead as it’s less painful than talking about that
disturbing, hideous, nightmare inducing creature. It’s easier than
talking about Gollum too.
gets out and hammers on Bryan in the corner but gets taken down by a
hurricanrana. The threat of a running knee sends Stardust running to
the floor and we take a break. Back with Harper Gator Rolling Bryan
before it’s off to Barrett for some forearms to the in the corner.
Bryan finally kicks Harper away and the hot tag brings in Ambrose to
clean house. An atomic drop into a faceplant gets two on Stardust
and everything breaks down.
cleans house and dives onto Harper and Stardust for a big crash.
Barrett breaks up Dirty Deeds on Stardust and Harper kicks Dean in
the face as we take another break. Back again with Barrett kicking
Dean in the face for two. That seems so familiar. Bad News’
chinlock doesn’t go anywhere and Stardust’s top rope superplex does
just as poorly. Instead Ambrose nails a top rope dropkick and makes
the tag to Ziggler.
comes in as well and eats a dropkick followed by the Fameasser for
two. Everything breaks down again and the good guys load up a triple
dive but Harper nails Ziggler to break up a third of it. The Batista
Bomb gets two on Dolph but he comes back with a Zig Zag, followed by
the running knee to give Bryan the pin at 17:38.
B. Nice long tag match here to
close out the show. When a show is built around talking like this
one was, you almost have to give them something like this to affirm
that it’s really a wrestling show. Above
all though, Barrett didn’t get pinned! That’s one whole show in a
row and possibly a new record for him.
congratulates Bryan on the win but Ziggler jokes that Bryan stole the
pin from him. Last year
Bryan had luck on his side but this year Ziggler is going to be out
there with him. Dean chimes in and says Dolph stole the show, just
like everyone has been stealing the title lately. Maybe
Dolph thinks he isn’t quite as good as Bryan and it bothers him.
says the people in the locker room know the truth about Bryan: he’s,
shall we say, human waste.
Ambrose goes to leave and
Ziggler agrees with him, leaving Bryan in the ring alone. I
really, really hope they don’t turn Bryan heel but it seems to be the
only thing left for him to do at this point.
C. We’re
definitely in the last push to Wrestlemania, which means expect
several shows like this in a row: mostly talk and hype with a token
long match for most of the wrestling content. Reigns sounded fine
and it’s good that they’re FINALLY giving him a reason to want to
fight Brock.
the other hand, Orton sounded like a crazy man trying to explain a
stupid story. Either bring
him back as a full on psycho or bring him back as part of the
Authority without the Fast Lane attack. What they went with makes it
seem like they were just hoping people weren’t paying attention,
though given how this build has been going, they might be onto
Matadores/Cesaro/Tyson Kidd b. New Day/Usos – Backstabber to
b. Miz – Shell Shock
Lee/Paige b. Summer Rae/Cameron – PTO to Summer
Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan b. Luke Harper/Stardust/Bad News
Barrett – Running knee to Harper
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