Axel mania

Is Curtis Axel another case of WWE just missing the boat on a potential big star (upper mid carder) ala Zack Ryder.  Why not pay off the Axelmania gimmick by making the Rusev/Cena Match a triple threat and having Axel steal the win.  He'd draw a huge pop and could brag about being Cena and ending Rusev's winning streak for a year.  Plus he's still Mr Perfect's son so there's always that as a background to make him a more serious wrestler.  I'm not saying Axel for World Champ but the crowd reactions and the clock gimmick are great.
​Man, how sad is it when people are so beaten down by the product that they're getting excited for CURTIS AXEL segments?  
Let me explain here:  Axel was initially a HHH project and he failed to get over working with the great HHH, so he's a lost cause and they gave up on him.  End of story.  Doesn't matter if you THINK he's getting over on this goofy organic Rumble storyline, he's not actually over because he no longer fits their vision of a top guy.  You can only get over by being the person they want and having great hair, or working with HHH.  That's just the rules, sorry.  ​