Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Another Monday night is upon us and while I admit to be more interested in the choice for late-night Network watching from the thread posters (two suggestions: Halloween Havoc 1990 or Wrestlemania XIX) we are on the road to Wrestlemania.

One thing that’s caught my attention in the recent threads is the thought of Daniel Bryan turning heel. Some seem to think it would be the worst idea ever and others think it would be very good.

My thoughts are it’s time for Bryan to turn. He’s clearly over as a face but for me the whole act and the “Yes Movement” is starting to show signs of age to me as a viewer and I’d rather it be cut off too early than too late. You can only be the plucky underdog for so long.

But Bryan as a clean shaven wrestling and stretching machine pissing on the fans for letting him down and booing his beautiful wife is kind of interesting. From a health standpoint I think being a heel will allow him to greater utilize his mat skills and save him from taking some of the big bumps we’ve seen in the past few weeks. I think he’s a tremendous heel, he can cut strong heel promos and I think he’s a smart enough worker to figure out how to get heel heat and not become a heel that gets over like a face to the crowd.

That’s me.



8 NBA (Chicago-Memphis looks good), 5 NHL

Conference Championship week continues in college ball.

New episodes of The Bachelor, 2 Broke Girls, The Voice, The First 48, American Dad, Better Call Saul etc. etc.

Season Premiere of Bates Motel too!

Keep it clean!