Book a Shoot at Wrestlemania

Hey Scott I know you love hearing about Roman Reigns and Brock so here is my hot take on the matter. With Brock walking out of RAW and the fact that he is a legit lunatic, they should book him to "shoot" on Reigns and beat him with a Kimura in like a minute. Break his arm (real or not), then have Vince come on RAW the next night and plead with Lesnar to bring the belt back. Have Heyman bring the belt in and cut a promo on how UFC > WWE, then work it out with Dana White that Brock wins the UFC belt. Then have a title vs title fight between Brock and Roman, WWE and UFC, and make some real money.

In a perfect world, not the worst idea ever.  However, I take issue with "working it out so that Brock wins the UFC belt", because it kind of falls apart there.  I'll leave it at that.