Hogan/Savage Question

Hey Scott,
Reading the '96 Nitro recaps and I'm wondering about the Savage/Hogan relationship. We're aware of the story that Hogan's shiner at WM 9 was due to Savage (and something involving Liz…) but within two years, Savage follows Hogan to WCW, which Hogan was obviously ok with, as if he wasn't it would never happen, and they're running the top program together for forever. So what happened there? Was there some reconciliation? How? And then a few years after that we get the whole rap album thing…was there another falling out and why? Just trying to make some sense of what was going on, and why, if you know anything more. 

I believe the relationship could be summed up as "cordial and businesslike" but they certainly weren't hanging out at the bars or anything afterwards.  From what I can figure out about their ridiculously complex relationship over the years, Hogan loved to have Savage around because he knew that he could draw money against him and Savage wouldn't care about putting him over, but they didn't make up on a personal level (allegedly) until days before Savage's death.  If nothing else, both guys knew what made money and trusted each other in the ring.  But yeah, it was definitely kind of weird that they were booked to either team up or oppose each other so often given all the personal friction between them.  Certainly by the end of WCW's run all bets were off between them, though.