Cash in at wrestlemania?

So Scott what are the chances Reigns big moment is ruined by Rollins cashing in and winning the title? It makes sense when you think about it, Heyman recently told Rollins in no uncertain terms that when Brocks reign is over you could take his place. With Brock gone, Rollins could be the new Paul Heyman guy & Reigns could get crowd support chasing the title. Your thoughts?

I think that Brock winning at WM and the super-smarky smarks losing their shit over it would be spectacular, because Brock has the night after WM left in his contract where he could drop it to Rollins. However, the Reigns thing is a complete failure.  He shouldn't be chasing the title.  Run Rollins v Orton for a few months and let Reigns stay away and rebuild himself.  Send him to NXT as Leakee the dancing Samoan and team him with Joey the Samoan.