Why is Reigns still in the Shield?

Hey Scott,

Was just thinking, is the fact that Reigns basically the same guy he was in the Shield hurting him?

In the past, if a tag team broke up and Wrestler A was getting a push, that guy would get a total make over (Re: Rick Martel, HBK, JBL, Scott Steiner) Meanwhile, the other guy, if nothing was really in the works for him, would basically do the same old pre-break up stuff (Marty, Tito, Rick Steiner),

With the Shield, it's entirely reversed. Rollins and Ambrose got new and distinct personalities, outfits and music while Reigns (Intense love of Looney Tunes aside) is basically the same guy was before.

Shouldn't they be doing everything possible to help him stand out?

That is the LEAST of his problems, but yes, absolutely.  If anything Ambrose should have kept the Shield music and look because it fits his character and personality.