How long as champ?

Hi Scott,

Once Reigns wins the title at Wrestlemania, how long does he hold it for?

Fan reaction clearly isn't that much of a concern as it's more about WWE having a plan and sticking with it for better or worse. Yet what is the plan with Reigns as champ? Fight Big Show, Rollins or Orton before falling to Cena at Summerslam? Keep it on him for a year and hope something happens by fluke to keep Reigns "popular"?

Wrestlemania's main event is a foregone conclusion having being telegraphed for months but what follows hopefully creates some intrigue.


Yeah, that's the other issue with his push.  The story leading up to the Lesnar win is one thing, but who are his challengers after the show?  Big Show?  Kane?  Evil Sheamus?  Bray Wyatt?  It's bad enough that the whole run-up to the WM season feels like it was booked on a napkin based on Vince's whims as it is, but I don't feel like there's any real long term plan evident.  And Rollins is gonna have to cash in by July, too, which they seem to be putting off as long as possible. It really is a case where having the 2 World titles would have helped them immensely.