NXT Thoughts

Don’t really want to do a full review, but this week’s show was another good’un.  – Sadly, Carmella is probably going to make the main roster before Enzo & Cass by virtue of being smoking fucking hot.  But it’s just the Divas division anyway, so good on her.  Because, you know, LOOK AT HER.  – I enjoyed the surprise appearance of Rhyno, but I really wish they wouldn’t hang a lampshade on it by declaring “NXT is where superstars go to revitalize their career!”  It kind of loses the cool factor if you don’t let fans figure that out for themselves, ya know? – So that’s Solomon Crowe.  OK then. – Blake and Murphy developing into douchebag heels is a nice touch.  Let them have some personality and see where it goes!  I approve. – I had actually never seen Ol’ Blue Pants until this show.  Just a fun idea, like something out of ECW. – Kevin Owens v. Adrian Neville was REALLY, really good.  Neville is on a pretty amazing roll lately.  I also liked that they made sure to note that it was a non-title match because Neville hadn’t earned another title shot, and they didn’t job out the champion just because it was a non-title match!  And Neville didn’t look any weaker for losing clean.  Great stuff.