WM 27 HHH/Taker Build

Reading about all the simple, logical booking in NXT got me thinking — why did so many people dump on the HHH/Taker build to WM 27? They both came out, gestured at each other and the WM sign as if to say "We've both accomplished everything there is to accomplish in "THIS BUSINESS" except … I want to end the streak and you want to show that I can't do it."  Seems logical to me, and it actually made sense given each of their part-time status, no longer chasing titles, etc.

​I think mainly because it came from nowhere and because they had already spent months building up the "real" pairings for the show (HHH v. Sheamus and Undertaker v. Wade Barrett) before suddenly deciding to throw them away for that match.  Also, because it's emblematic of how fucking up their own ass the company is, where instead of real storylines we get guys fighting for their legacy and pointing at signs and shit.  ​