Roman Reigns = RATINGS

…for stuff on the other channels.

Hey, don't worry, things will pick up again when it's Wrestlemania season!  
Seriously, I don't think I could possibly come up with worse ways to book the top players right now.  How hard is it for Rusev to keep coming out as "Russia #1, USA, HOCK-PTOOEY!" and Cena's all like "Hey, America is the home of free speech so shut the fuck up, commie!" and then they fight?  It's worked for SIXTY FUCKING YEARS NOW.  You bring out Cena with an American flag and a Marine honor guard for Wrestlemania and this shit writes itself.  But instead the heat is supposed to be because John Cena, who is 5 years or so younger than the average age of the RAW viewership, is the grizzled old veteran who is too old and beat up to face the young lion.   Oh, and apparently top babyfaces Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are too stupid to figure out that HHH is manipulating them, even though he goes on TV and SAYS SO.  
On the bright side, NXT will glorious tomorrow night.