When two tribes DON’T go to war

Long time, first time… blah blah

Just finished Road Warrior Animal's book (a nice read) and one thing he said really interested me.  He's quite convinced that if Bischoff hadn't declared war and gone head to head on Monday nights, both WCW and WWE would be alive and well today.  I'd actually never even thought about it that way.  I know it's impossible to really know, but if WCW had continued to air it's programming on a different day of the week, what do you think the wrestling business would actually look like today?  I feel like I need to send a Terminator back in time to kill a few people so we can find out…


​I think he's 100% wrong and in fact the exact opposite would be true.  WCW would be dead anyway because their ultimate demise had nothing to do with ratings and everything to do with Jamie Kellner pulling the plug on wrestling in general.  And WWF would never have received the kick in the ass from Nitro and probably would have been dropped by USA due to ratings freefall around the time the relationship soured and WWF left for TNN.  ​