The SmarK Rant for WCW Main Event–08.17.92

The SmarK Rant for WCW Main Event – 08.17.92 Continuing Black History Month on the Network with a show that I actually did watch on TBS back when it originally aired. Holy balls I’m old. Your hosts are Eric Bischoff & Teddy Long, future dueling GMs! Barry Windham v. Tracy Smothers This was during the weird period where the Young Pistols were heels. I never got that strategy on WCW’s part. Windham works a headlock while Erik Watts looks on at ringside. Bischoff feels like it might another family legacy in the making. You know, really, if Erik had just changed his name and come in as someone else without the monster push, he might have been an OK worker just based on his look and size alone. I wonder if Bill ever feels bad about that. Barry continues with the exciting headlock, but runs into a boot and Tracy takes over. Windham with a sunset flip for two, but Smothers comes back with a dropkick for two. Tracy goes up and gets caught, and Barry makes the comeback with a gut wrench suplex for two. Floatover suplex gets two. Lariat finishes at 4:35. That would fall under the auspices of Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling. **1/2 Jimmy Garvin v. Jushin Liger Yes, this is actually a match that happened. Could this pairing be any more random? Garvin throws knees in the corner and pounds him down. Liger comes back with dropkicks for two, but Garvin takes him down and works on the leg. Liger comes back with the koppo kick and finishes with the moonsault at 3:10. What a weird trainwreck that was. * Update! With Eric Bischoff! Let us take you back to WCW Saturday Night, where Ricky Steamboat apparently wins the TV title from Steve Austin, but accidentally used an international object to do so, resulting in the decision being overturned. Big Josh & Marcus Alexander Bagwell v. Terry Gordy & Steve Williams This should be a glorious slaughter. The Miracle Violence Connection were the tag champs at this point, but this is non-title. Williams works a lockup with Josh, but Josh starts slugging away on both champs until Williams just KILLS him with a backdrop suplex. Gordy with a suplex for two and Williams puts him down with a hard clothesline for two. I bet Borne was just eating this up after months of working as the goofy lumberjack. Gordy with a corner clothesline and he drops an elbow for two. Doc with a shoulderblock in the corner, but Gordy misses a blind charge and Josh puts him down hard and makes the hot tag to Bagwell. Thesz Press gets two on Gordy, but Josh accidentally distracts the ref and Bagwell gets destroyed by a Gordy powerslam off the middle rope to finish at 5:44. Man I loved these guys at the time. ** WCW World title: Big Van Vader v. Ron Simmons Simmons pounds away in the corner and sends Vader out of the ring with a clothesline, and back in Simmons hits him with a spinebuster for two. Blind charge hits boot, however, and Vader takes over. Vader with the clubbering in the corner and he follows with an avalanche and clothesline into a splash for two. Chokeslam and Vader goes up with a flying splash for two. Jim Ross on commentary is really selling the shit out of this one. Vader puts him down with a clothesline again and tries a suplex, but Simmons gets his own. That was pretty impressive. Vader just clobbers him again, but Simmons gets a backslide for two. Vader misses a charge and Simmons gets two. Vader blocks a sunset flip and tries the powerbomb, but Simmons escapes and powerslams him for the title at 9:48. And to say the crowd goes BATSHIT is an understatement. There’s a little kid in the front row who is about to jump the railing with excitement. *** And in a nice touch, all the babyfaces come out and celebrate and strap the title on him. Van Hammer v. Eric Davidson You’d think the World title change would close the show, but no, that’s not how WCW rolls. Hammer finishes this goof with the slingshot suplex at 0:50. Update with Eric Bischoff, and Johnny B. Badd is a person that exists. That’s about it. They probably should have closed with the title match. Still a really fun show.