Cena vs. NXT?

Hey Scott,

I'm kind of tired of all the Roman Reigns shit, so let's talk about NXT, and more importantly, NXT being name-dropped on Raw in a Cena promo. And it wasn't Cena being a corporate shill either, he said lines to the effect of "NXT is Triple H's vision of the future, and so every guy in NXT is being trained to replace me." It's a line that was super tacked-on and basically completely irrelevant to the rest of the promo, so do you think that there's something deeper going on?

Maybe it's Cena's earnest attempt to get over the NXT guys as threats to Cena's position and future stars? 

Do you think this is Cena trying to patch together WWE's freaky continuity and explain why Triple H is babyface-ish on NXT and an ultra-heel on Raw and maybe establish that Rollins was the chosen one from the beginning or something like that? 

Is he being a puppet for Vince or Dunn in the bizarre WWE civil war by attempting to turn every NXT guy heel?

Or is attempting to analyze John Cena promos a waste of everybody's time and effort?

I just thought we could get some good conspiracy theories going on, and maybe get people's hopes up about The Nexus 5.0 or something.

​Analyzing a Cena promo is a waste of everyone's time. Often literally, as they're just thrown out there to use up part of the three hours.  That being said, the civil war angle is far more interesting as a story than anything else they've dreamed up in the past few years.  Crazy out of touch old man Vince and his chosen one Roman Reigns opposed by HHH and the NXT guys and forced to team up with hated enemy Daniel Bryan, fighting for the soul of the WWE?  That's compelling TV.  The fact that they don't ​even see the storyline they're creating with their own stupidity makes them even more stupid.