Woo Woo Woo… Roman Ryder!

I'm going to self-plagiarize a comment I made in tonight's Reigns thread for an e-mail:

You know who was more over than Roman Reigns? Zack Ryder.You know who has a better personality than Roman Reigns? Zack Ryder.You know who doubtlessly sold more merchandise at his peek than Roman Reigns? Zack Ryder.
You know who is better in the ring than Roman Reigns, even slightly? Zack Ryder.You know who is the same age as Reigns (only 11 days older, in fact) and has years more ring experience? Zack Ryder.You know who has more than a MILLION more Twitter followers than Roman Reigns (because WWE cares about that)? Zack Ryder.
You know who fans were unquestionably more willing to get behind than Roman Reigns? Zack Ryder.Do I think Zack Ryder should've been pushed to the main event of WrestleMania as a face? Heck no. But even Zack Ryder circa 2011-12 was in better position to receive a mega face push than Roman Reigns in 2015 is.So even though a guy "deserving of burial" like Ryder outclasses Reigns in every conceivable category except  "intimidating look", Reigns gets the superman push. Does it really come down to Vince just completely misreading his audience and/or having a massive hard-on for Reigns? 
-Michael Xavier

I believe if this were a rap battle, this is where you'd drop the microphone in dramatic fashion and walk off the stage.