Roman Empire

So why is everyone so whiny about Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble when Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble was literally the plan since WM30?

What I mean is, we're acting like this is some big utter injustice instead of the plan to get over a homegrown star. We keep demanding new stars, fine.  They're making a new star.  Stop bitching.

Or is it because Daniel Bryan has that many uncompromising fanboys?

What exactly have they done to "make a new star"?  Have him tell nursery rhymes and go 50/50 with Big Show on TV?  Wow, what a star making performance.  The problem isn't Reigns, the problem is that they're shitty bookers and somehow expecting Reigns to magically become Steve Austin by laying in the corner and selling at the Royal Rumble.  People may hate Cena on top, but in 2004 he was on an inevitable rocket to the top and holding him back would have been a stupid business move.  Reigns is just a guy.  A B+ player who's a good hand at the moment.