Hi Scott,

Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant. I'm watching this match and the emotion and intensity are off the charts. There could be a story, but who cares, it's two badasses trying to kill each other. Was this a case of it being a place and time of crowds and workers, or could this level of pro wrestling be delivered today? I can't think of who could come close to reaching this level of out of control atmosphere today besides Brock or maybe the Sheild. Is the performance centre even teaching murdeous looks? What's the WWE's aversion to badasses destroying each other?

​Baron Corbin v. Bull Dempsey has kind of been down that line.  Both guys are terrible, granted, but the idea is there.  And I'd pay good money to watch Terry Funk teach a class in murderous looks.  They could do a wacky cartoon about the performance center where retired wrestlers become teachers and there's all this high school drama with the trainees and stuff.  ​