BoD Thursday Night Thread

On tap for tonight:

WWE Smackdown is live tonight at 8pm EST on Syfy, highlighted by Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Casket Match

There are four games in the NBA tonight and two of them will be shown on TNT. At 8pm EST the Denver Nuggets take on the Memphis Grizzlies while at 10:30pm EST the Chicago Bulls face the Los Angeles Lakers.

Also in the NBA a report came out stating Kevin Durant will have the New York Knicks at the top of his list when he hits free agency in 2016.

The NHL has 11 games on the schedule. The Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers are currently underway on NBC Sports and at 10pm EST on the same channel you can see the Anaheim Ducks vs. San Jose Sharks.

College Basketball has a few games on National TV tonight. #16 Maryland vs. Ohio St. is currently underway on ESPN.

If you want to hear about classic wrestling, head on over to Place to be Nation for the latest edition of the “Vintage Vault” where Scott and Justin discuss the 1990 Royal Rumble. Click on the link below to give that a listen.

And as usual talk about anything else going on tonight