Bam Bam as a face in 95

Hi Scott,

What was the deal with the Bam Bam face turn in 1995? I know he didn't get along with the Kliq and they supposedly turfed him out of the fed that fall, but did Vince have bigger plans for him that he was talked out of? Seems weird he'd put him in the main event of WM (as a heel, but the match set up the face turn) and the main event of KOTR if he was just going to give up on him shortly thereafter.
Titan Sinking!  Read it and love it!
Yes, Vince had bigger plans for Bam Bam, and made grand promises of being the #1 babyface and a big Summerslam payoff with a main event tag match featuring Bam Bam & LT against the Corporation.  And then Wrestlemania bombed and he quickly lost faith in Bam Bam (no thanks to the Clique bitching about him) and shit happened.  ​I don't know that Bam Bam could have pulled off that position anyway, but the booking did him absolutely no favors either way.