RF Video Shoot Interview with The Outsiders

This was filmed in 2007

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs for one hour and fifty-five minutes long.

The interview starts with the guys asked when they first met. They said it was at the first SuperBrawl PPV for WCW. The next day, Nash picked up Hall at his hotel and they worked out then stopped to have a few beers. They both then tell a funny story of how Hall reached across to play with the radio and accidentally brushed up on Nash’s junk a few times, as there was barely any room for them in the car and after the third time Nash held Hall’s hand there, who thought it was either a joke or Nash was going to kick his ass so he called Nash a “fag” jokingly and they became friends after that.

When asked about not getting chances in their first WCW run, Nash said he understood as he was green but Hall had experience. Hall said it was still the most money he was making and that the fans were not knowing how much he was making so he decided to go out and act like he was making a ton until he left for the WWF. Hall then talked about how in WCW, you position on the card was already determined before your first match as no matter what crowd response you received as a guy making $75,000 a year was never going to beat a guy making $750,000 a year. He then talks about in the WWF, everybody gets a “few swings” and the decisions are based about your performance.

They are asked about what pressure you face when being the top wrestlers in a company. Nash talks about how the fans are behind you until you reach the top then the “smarks” start to automatically hate you. Hall says that when Vince ran the WWF back then you were as good as your last performance and it created a competitive environment and how if you had a bad match, agents would tell you what was wrong and how you did. In WCW, they barely cared as Nash recalls a time when they didn’t have his entrance music ready for a show in Tupelo. The agent then told him that it didnt matter because it was a small show in Tupelo and after that Nash said that was his battle cry and how he wanted to be told ahead of time if stuff didnt matter because he could be sitting at home if that was the case.

On their first road trip, they were with Shawn Michaels and all put towels over their faces on the way into the arena because at that time they were still supposed to keep kayfabe.

Hall talks about how he was in a meeting with Vince, Savage, Heenan, Mr. Perfect, and Ric Flair to discuss Savage dropping the belt to Flair. He said that he wanted to stand up and tell Vince if he really wanted to give Flair the belt seeing how he came into his company with the WCW belt. Hall said he almost did that because he hated Flair for fucking him over in WCW when he was the booker.

They are asked about the Ultimate Warrior. Nash said he got along with him but that he was really “different” as Hall admires him for holding out for more money.

When asked if Vince was responsible for the heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart Nash said that Vince always stirred the pot because it was good for business, adding that is not the case today where everything is so heavily scripted. Nash talks about guys shooting on interviews back then as Hall notes how today on Smackdown you can see how the cheers are canned as you hear the noise but do not see anyone reacting in the crowds as Nash adds how there are people who work on Smackdown for a reason.

On working with Shawn, they both joked how he was the reason their matches were any good and talk about how great he is and how he is a lot bigger in person than you would think.

When asked about any road stories while in the WWF, Nash attempts to recall a time when they were all fucked up on pills along with Shawn and the 1-2-3 Kid. HHH was with them but sober and they went into a diner that was filled with cops from a nearby police convention where they gave Shawn the choice to either go to jail or a hospital because he was such a mess. Hall says that he has no recollection of this as Nash jokes that he was probably too fucked up. Nash then talks about how when HHH first started to travel with them, 1-2-3 Kid got so fucked up that they were all trying to slap him in the face so he could wake up then HHH went and slapped him, causing the others to remind HHH that he just started hanging with them and that he basically had not earned that right.

Nash talks about the “50 mile rule” where he would not drink while he was driving until they were 50 miles away from their destination. Hall then said the only driver worse than him was the 1-2-3 Kid.

They talk about traveling to Toronto for WrestleMania 18 and were driving. While approaching the border, they realized they had some pills on them and instead of tossing them out of the window, they decided to take them all. They both talked about having past arrests and not being sure if they would even be able to get into the country but the guy at the border was a fan and they had some merchandise and tickets that the WWE gave them so despite being extremely fucked up they got in and sat and Tim Horton’s were they drank coffee and ate donuts until they sobered up a bit.

Nash talks about how when you are the champ you have to look out for the boys and talks about how they were on a bus that was broken down so he told agent Tony Garea that this better be fixed tomorrow and the next day it was as Nash recalled how he barely even slept that night as he was fearful of his job.

They talk about when Bischoff fired 1-2-3 Kid from WCW and how Nash booted the door to his office and scared Bischoff as Hall stood there leaning on the door so no one could get into the office.

Now they are asked about the deal they made to come into WCW. Hall said that he had a few meetings with Vince to get more money and wanted to come up with solutions like more merchandise or a few weeks in Japan. Vince declined these ideas. Hall then said that when you work for the WWF you are so overworked that you are unaware of the outside world then talks about how Vince always had you on your feet and made you think your job security was always on the line. At the time, 1-2-3 Kid was talking to Barry Bloom, who later became their agent and they got a deal with WCW from that.

On the nWo formation, Nash said that there was never a plan for a 3rd member originally and remembers Bischoff coming over and they then went to a strip club after that as he pitched the nWo idea. Nash joked how Hogan wasnt going to let that “money train” leave without taking a seat when he was approached about the plan. Hall notes how he heard that the Associated Press thought when Nash sent Rey Mysterio into the trailer that it was a legitimate attack.

When asked about working with Hogan, they both said that he was a good sport but Hall recalls how he got upset when at a TV taping in Universal, Hogan referred to them as his “Hollywood Wolfpac.” Hall then talks about how the Wolfpac was Nash, 1-2-3 Kid, and himself as they lost their identities coming from the WWF over to WCW.

They both talk about not getting money from merchandise sales as WCW had intellectual property rights.

Hall said how Michael Hayes once told him that if you are five minutes late, you get yelled at but if you are over an hour late, they are just happy that you showed up so there was no point being just a few minutes late.

Nash talks about they started off driving around then when they got more popular in WCW they got to fly on the private jet with Hogan and Savage and while they did not change, the locker room perception was that they did and were no longer “one of the boys” because they were not with them as much.

When asked about D-X coming to the WCW show in Norfolk, Nash said that he wanted to come out and say “what the fuck are you guys doing here” because there show was live but he couldn’t find them.

On Goldberg speaking negatively about them, they called him a “mark” as Nash said he likes him away from wrestling though. Hall said that he was with him on his first road trip, he brought him along and helped him out then introduced him to Barry Bloom after his first contract was up and has no idea why Goldberg has heat with him after doing all of that.

When asked if WCW would have as successful without them, Nash jokes about how they were heading into the right direction with the Yeti vs. Giant, Dungeon of Doom, and how Alex Wright was misused.

Nash then jokes that blaming Russo for WCW going under is like blaming the cello player on the Titanic for sinking the ship, stating it was dead and there was no way to resurrect the company at that point.

They are asked about Bischoff as Nash talks about how he was given Nitro under the guise that it would fail and how they could get rid of wrestling on Turner once and for all.

Hall tells a story of how they worked a show in Little Rock, AK and that the fans were throwing stuff at them and Nash got on the mic and said they would leave if they did not stop as they didnt come to this “shithole” town to get hurt and they ended up walking out and leaving then on the next RAW, they introduced the fake Diesel and Razor Ramon.

Nash said that by the time Russo took over it was over. Hall then said that he should apologize to Russo for how he treated him at that time but was not comfortable with him booking his career.

On the WCW Invasion angle, Nash said that the WWE contacted him about coming in, offering 50 cents on the dollar of his $2.3 million dollar contract. The WWE also offered him a $750,000 downside and Nash said that he could have taken that and busted his ass on the road and might have made as much as he would have sitting at home watching TV and smoking pot until his contract ran out.

When asked if the nWo promos would have gotten over as much as they did if they were scripted, Nash said absolutely not and that (scripted promos) is what is wrong with WWE TV today. They recall when they went back to the WWE as the nWo they had to rehearse promos in front of Vince as Nash jokingly says “welcome to Monday Night Contrived!” He also asks why the production values have not picked up as Hall notes how Heenan used to get pissed when the crew was shown in the background and whenever he sees that now he thinks of Heenan.

They are now asked about a few tag teams. They both liked working with Harlem Heat as Hall tells a story about how he spit on Stevie Ray during a match to get heat, stating that he did not want to tell him before the match and have him say no. After Hall spit on him, he tagged out then after Stevie got some heat on Nash, he spit right back at Hall, which is something that Hall credits Stevie or doing. They also both liked working with the Steiner Brothers.

Nash joked that it was “too fucking late” when asked about Bischoff questioning if he gave him too much power. Hall says how Nash seizes power and that they would call him the grouch as everything when he traveled was too small and that it would wear him down. Hall then talked about how Nash’s first night in charge he put over Rey Mysterio on Nitro just to show that he was all business. Hall then talked about how he would do jobs himself when he was not supposed to on Nitro then get chewed out by Bischoff afterwards.

They talk about how the same unnamed guy who told them to not care about the show in Tupelo would complain about their ideas then when asked if he had anything, that person said they did not and this leads Nash to say how Hall was one of the best “shit stirrers” and that they were both pricks so they could work every angle. Nash then talks about the whole business being a work as the person he is once he grabs his gear and heads into the arena is a lot different than the one traveling on the road and at home. Hall said they would drop their gear and look around to decide how to stir some shit, like telling rookies their gear looked like shit or saying that guys looked stoned when they were in the ring.

Hall talks about them as a team as he recalls a story while sitting next to Scott Norton on a bus trip in Japan. Norton kept telling him that he was not wrestling Japanese style and after a few days, Hall turned around and told him that he was not Japanese and that they have seen him work and was brought in for that reason. Hall then said that they were one of the best tag teams in the world and Norton thought about it and agreed. They both talked about how they liked Norton and how he was a straight shooter.

When asked about Jim Cornette’s rant against them on RAW, Nash said he took no offense as at the time he knew no one was watching the WWE at the time as Hall was cracking up.

They close the interview about how they will be touring the independent scene as Nash notes how Hall will be sober but cannot promise that he will be as Hall talks about taking Antabuse to help with his alcohol abuse issues. Feinstein then talks about how the next time he wants to have the 1-2-3 Kid join them for an interview all about road stories.

Final Thoughts: Solid interview. Towards the end, these two really seemed like they wanted to leave as Hall checked his watch a few times but they were both funny and the best parts where when they went off and bullshitted between questions.

If you have seen any shoot interviews between these two before then there isnt a whole lot of new stuff here. However, Nash always delivers in shoots and this was no exception. Hall was fine here as well, although a bit reserved at times.

Too bad the shoot between them and Waltman never happened. That would have been great.

Overall, I recommend this interview but be warned that if you have seen these guys in different shoots that you will some stories you have heard before.

You can purchase the video for $20 at RFVideo.com or download a digital copy for $9.99 at highspots.com by clicking on the links below.