BoD Royal Rumble Shoot Interview Contest Thread

The rules for this contest are as follows: These are the numbers that were chosen at random. They will match up with the actual WWE numbers and whatever number the entrant of the WWE Rumble winner has, that number will end up winning the contest. For instance, if the winner of the WWE Rumble was the #20 entrant, whoever has #20 in this contest will win and get to pick the shoot interview that I review for this Thursday. 

Here are the results of the drawing:

  1. Handleman 20
  2. Bulldog Bob Brown
  3. The Ricker
  4. Duthtys GoRilla
  5. theJawas
  6. robmck3898
  7. Biff Kensington III
  8. Ghost of Faffner Hall
  9. wpoc3
  10. Kyle Warne
  11. John Petuka
  12. Rodney Rankin
  13. Doctor_Ew
  14. Bob Patel
  15. Battle Kat Litter
  16. Jonathan Meisner
  17. Dean Andrews
  18. Vince
  19. Cultstatus
  20. Darren X
  21. Steveweiser
  22. Average Joe Everyman
  23. Biscuit!
  24. Adam Curry
  25. Fake Danimal Crossing
  26. Crikey Mate Down Under
  27. Logan Scisco
  28. Danimal Crossing (Real Bro)
  29. The Whispering Joker
  30. Grail Ron Swanson
Good luck to everyone involved.